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Photo Gallery

2015 MLGJ 2015 MLGJ Tabernacle Concert 201900274 View from people mover 201899888 People mover 201899889 People mover 201899890 People mover 201899891 Concert 201900275 Eliot Fleck Pianist for Potter's Clay Quartet 201899886 Duet: Eliot Fleck and Daryl Amundrud 201899897 Duet: Eliot Fleck and Daryl Amundrud 201899898 Duet: Eliot Fleck and Daryl Amundrud 201899896 Bob Walde Last minute work 201899887 People mover 201903483 Brundages 201903484 Concession 201903486 Eating area 201903487 Potter's Clay Quartet 201903485 Visions 201903488 Potter's Clay Quatet 201903489 Canada's Double Portion 201903490 Keeper's of the Faith 201903491 Freedom Singers & Keeper's of the Faith 201903492 Prep & Prayer Room 201903493 Art with MCs Wayne & Dennis 201903494